Million dollar babies

Still remember the cute and candid video on YouTube titled “Charlie bit my finger“? It stars cuddly British boys—Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr. The younger Charlie harmlessly yet repetitively bites Harry’s finger, to which the latter cries, “Charleyyy bit meeeeeyyyy!” Harry grimaces. Charlie then bursts into a chuckle. Such a hit the 56-second British-accent-filled video was that four years after it was posted, they’ve become super rich.

In a recent report by the New York Times on the boys and their parents, the video posted in 2007 that had garnered more than 400 million views and counting, has generated a budget that can already pay the boys’ education as early as now. The video has become, if not, the most successful video posted on YouTube. It has apparently turned into a business-driven “brand.” Ventures included more videos, themed T-shirts, and an Android and iPhone app.

But don’t raise a brow just yet. The parents, who have two other children, are actually of the good, non-psychotic bunch. They make sure the site remains free of negative comments, avoid “coaching and scripting” the tykes in the other videos, and declare to other parents that intentionally posting videos of your kids doing something funny is not the best shot to raking money.

Charlie bit my finger (Photo Googled)

Nowadays, fame is just one click away. Better, money is too. Just ask the likes of Charice, The Biebs, and Rebecca Black. Black, the ~breakout star*~ of ~hit song*~ “Friday,” however, seems to feel ambivalent on this theory. She has been mocked and hated which led her to quit school, and get homeschooled instead.


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  1. lucu sekali tu bocah..salam kenal mas dari ayu mustika

  2. Hi, ganda po ng post nyu about sa baby hehe. pero super cute ng baby na toh. hahaha. astig cla. 😉

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