Run Joey Run

War Horse by Steven Spielberg uses the effective formula the director has been known for all his life: Ordinary people facing a tsunami of epic events. Albert (Jeremy Irvine), a hopeful son of a drunkie farmer, adopts and, eventually, falls in deep, sibling-like connection with a horse. The horse named Joey is strong as the Noah’s Ark. The relationship between Albert and Joey goes against the world—even in the midst of war.

I don’t normally watch movies on and with animals in it, lest I burst into tears—although difficult for me to do—because of the pity that would spring whenever I’d see the poor creature get hurt. But thanks to SM Cinema who invited me at the Philippine press preview weeks ago, I put my guard down. The movie, as expected, was heart-tugging at many points. From Albert, Joey gets passed on to a lot of owners involved in the war, and affecting each in some major way.

Albert training Joey (Photo Googled)

Eventually, after the war, a tear-gassed Albert reunites with Joey. As someone who hasn’t read the novel by Michael Morpurgo or who hasn’t seen the play, I was partially hoping he’d gone blind. That way, it’ll be more dramatic, and it would push me to finally swell. Haha!

Emilie, the smart kiddo who was among those who adopted Joey (Photo Googled)

As it turned out, the movie settled to a happy ending. The war is over. Albert goes home, a little burlier (because of his soldier duties) and tired, and he’s with Joey. He gets welcomed by his loving parents, one of which was played by Emily Watson who for me blurted the most awesome line about love of one’s family: “I may hate you more now but I could never love you less.”

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  1. one of the best movies i’ve ever seen so far..Spielberg’s creation never fails me..

    nice blog you have here buddy.=)

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