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The UAAP Magic

I never would’ve given a damn about the UAAP if I didn’t go to one of its schools. I was then a vapid sports fan. But gradually, thanks to the “school spirit” concept,  I gave in to watching the Philippines’ largest college sports league, particularly the hoop fest and the cheerdance competition. UAAP, like a mentor once said, is taken seriously in contrast to commercial basketball conferences. It’s a clash of identity and no one backs down easily. ( Read more… )

Chit Estella, 54

They say the only time you’ll be able to feel a person’s worth in your life is in his/her absence. Saying goodbye is my weakness, more so is death. A college professor of mine died last night in a bus-taxi collision along “killer highway” Commonwealth Ave. She was aboard a cab that got disastrously smashed by a Universal Guiding Star PUB. Lourdes “Chit” Estella Simbulan, a veteran journo and respected professor, was 54. ( Read more… )

Quotes for the Un/Employed

I was snatched by my fellow unemployed journalism-alumni friends Kat and KJ a while ago, walked back and forth UP-CMC to file some request for a transcript of my grades and generally talked/ranted/expressed astronomical angst about, well, non-life. Ultimately, we had the following directly translated quotable quotes you yourself might use for your daily living. Assuming you look up to us as pedestals of unemployed:

( Don’t console me. You can only console me if you can gimme a job. )

Oh My Grad!

Thanks for the applause and cheer guys, I didn’t expect that. Barry Cyrus Reintegrado Viloria. 2006-70277. Alumnus, bitch. Pic by Nigel Cornel.