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The weeks that were

To make easier my self-imposed goal to blog as regularly as possible, I have decided to post gratuitous photos of my self and to just simply comment on them. In short, I will blog as if I am a sleep-deprived college student whining about homework on the Internet. (Technically, that was how I were back then. Haha!) The recent weeks have been frantic and pumped up they need to be recorded. Brace yourself: Here’s a little treat of vanity. ( Read more… )


If it really IS the end of the world…

Then that’s fine. Should we respect the prediction of the Mayans (and Jay Sean’s), then we really ought to party with a blast. This 2012, I only have three that could count as really sensible New Year’s “resolutions.” One, invest in smart equipment as these surely come useful long-term. Two, achieve a sexy form not just because of its superficial effects in ~character*~. And lastly, drop the attitude and absorb positive, healthy energy instead.

When people start asking, “How much do you earn?”

“Maybe you’re too angst-y,” said a college orgmate after I’d shower him with my endless rants. It was the night of Bonifacio Day—a holiday of which we were both at  “work”; to make it more pathetic, he and I were discussing what’s up at work. Our brief chat covered the most usually-interesting topics of a proletariat’s life: Digging money out of work, then building life out of that money, and finally shaping a future out of that life. ( Read more… )

The UAAP Magic

I never would’ve given a damn about the UAAP if I didn’t go to one of its schools. I was then a vapid sports fan. But gradually, thanks to the “school spirit” concept,  I gave in to watching the Philippines’ largest college sports league, particularly the hoop fest and the cheerdance competition. UAAP, like a mentor once said, is taken seriously in contrast to commercial basketball conferences. It’s a clash of identity and no one backs down easily. ( Read more… )