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Million dollar babies

Still remember the cute and candid video on YouTube titled “Charlie bit my finger“? It stars cuddly British boys—Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr. The younger Charlie harmlessly yet repetitively bites Harry’s finger, to which the latter cries, “Charleyyy bit meeeeeyyyy!” Harry grimaces. Charlie then bursts into a chuckle. Such a hit the 56-second British-accent-filled video was that four years after it was posted, they’ve become super rich. ( Read more… )

The UAAP Magic

I never would’ve given a damn about the UAAP if I didn’t go to one of its schools. I was then a vapid sports fan. But gradually, thanks to the “school spirit” concept,  I gave in to watching the Philippines’ largest college sports league, particularly the hoop fest and the cheerdance competition. UAAP, like a mentor once said, is taken seriously in contrast to commercial basketball conferences. It’s a clash of identity and no one backs down easily. ( Read more… )

Life after Harry Potter

It’s a shame toward my generation that I admit this: I was not that big a fan of the Harry Potter series. (Throw those judging leers, Rowling followers!) I, however, have experienced the Potter fever for a brief time in high school. I may have stopped reading after the fourth book (aka pop culture suicide) but when I depended my attraction to the series through those blockbuster movies, I’d say the magic was still there. ( Read more… )

My Papa Don’t Preach

Let me overshare: I never really felt my father’s presence up until I was in high school. All those years before, during the stretch of what my parents lousily call “separation,” I had my mom to look up to as the “pillar” of the household.  My father would only visit me at times bringing me chocolates and SPAM. Over time, however, we bonded like how CNN’s Larry King had deemed to happen as he signed off last year for sons Chance and Cannon. ( Read more… )