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Guess where we found love…

My timing was terrible: As the award-winning DJ Calvin Harris played his most popular house music marvel to date, We Found Love, a collaborated work with Rihanna, I just had managed to escape the sea of partyphiles at The Republiq one night in February, just so I could take a leak. Nevertheless, I and my closest friends at work aka The Girls rocked through the night. Here are some photos of what was a crazy night: ( Read more… )

If I was a fighter in the UFC…

…then that would be the Apocalypse. Lol. Okay, that was irrelevant but here’s something that’s not: Veteran UFC fighter BJ Penn is coming to Manila! For fans out there, he’ll be having an open training at the SM Mall of Asia this Wednesday. What’s up with the most-rounded fighter of the Octagon? Is he retiring? While in the country, Penn will also be promoting the Philippine franchise of the UFC Magazine which I staffed for! Again, irrelevant. ( Read more… )

Survival of the Freelance

It has sporadically occurred to me that living a freelance prostitute writer life is difficult. Every time writing gigs drop by my doorstep, I have to grab them pronto before some snotty fellow does the nipping. This life strives to be very Spencerian and admittedly, at my young age and subatomic ~network*~, I’m actually hard up on earning real monehz. Apart from that, this life’s quite fun for me who’d rather prefer “flexi-time” best. ( Read more… )

He doesn’t need tickets. He’s Chuck Bass

Avid viewers have familiarized him as the slithering snob Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. But in the press conference held Thursday night at the Peninsula Manila, Ed Westwick flayed his bad boy role and image. The British actor, who’s now the new endorser of local brand Penshoppe, was very friendly to the press. Ed accommodated questions from some reporters who even failed to hold back their fangirl-ness as expected. ( Read more… )