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The one that got away

I used to frown over the Friday the 13th curse, thus I did find paraskevidekatriaphobia ridiculous. On the 13th of January 2012, however, around 8:40 on a Friday evening I lost my phone. I was dropping off a cab at a nearby milk tea shop on Katipunan. As soon as I stepped out, I groped my pockets only to realize that my phone had vanished. I rummaged my bag. Nothing. I turned around, and the cab was whooshing. ( Read more… )


The Wages of Powerpoint Ignorance

A lot of people I know, including myself, suck at Microsoft Powerpoint. Guess it’s just that we have taken it for granted ever since we first used it for our sloppy reports on The Iliad and The Odyssey in– I dunno–  high school. But of course,  Powerpoint is beyond that. By this, you have to first watch the following video to know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll be as stupefied as I was. Watch now! ( Read more… )

I’m Sorry for Being Human (AUDIO POST)

Ever since God transformed me into a worthless bum, my blog has been my life. Now it has come to a point that I’m doing audio posts to channel away the boredom. Yes, to prove to you guys that I’m indeed human, I just made myself a stupid podcast. (Please tell me if my voice sounds creepy here.) It’s in English. English kasi yung WordPress operator language. Nahiya naman pOwZh me. Haha. Labo.

Hi. This is Barry and, uhh, I’m just testing this Audio Voice Post care of WordPress. It’s an awesome feature. That’s it. (long stupid silence that eats up prepaid load) Is it working?

I’ve figured that I’ve said “audio voice post” which is undeniably redundant. I used to call this innovation “Podcast” but then again, it’s too old-school. I tried to do podcasts before but it struck me wearisome to provide for the woodwork and do some editing, uploading, etc. In WordPress however, I just needed to call this number abroad and get myself spared of all the trouble. Except for the credit that it inevitably swallows. If you listened to my puny, pseudo-English, it really is kinda clear. Plus it auto-uploads. Yeah, awesome stuff. [Phone Your Blog]


3D Little Pigs

I do hope everyone’s emotionally over with Sam Raini and Tobey MaGuire calling it quits for the fourth Spiderman installment. They’ve done terrific jobs alright  and they would be missed (I could still feel my heart pulsating at Harry Osborn’s death scene when he forced a smile at Peter, breathing heavily, “You’re my friend…” then dies. Sob sob!). But look who’s going to be your next friendly neighbor. ( Read more… )