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What’s with my emo tweets? Gross.

They say all good things come to an end. Or, there’s nothing permanent in this world. Add to the list the many self-consoling maxims that will attempt to make you  feel better even if you goddamm know nothing’s going to fix your frown. Even if they’re going to bribe you with a bar bars of Snickers (effectiveness maybe dependent), you end up succumbing up to the fact that it’s, well, hopeless. That there’s nothing left to fight for. ( Read more… )

A Tale Addressed to the Telecomm Tyrants

Not even the Incredible Hulk can contain losing a network signal at random

At 11PM Saturday last week, my sim card indiscriminately lost signal.

I was just using for three hours then a promo of 24-hour unlimited calls and texts for a meager Php25. All of a sudden, I can’t get into the network; hence no texts, no calls, incoming or outgoing. It’s like being insurrected by feared Spanish friars. I initially thought there was something wrong with my about five-year-old sim or with John Casey Pearson (named after Chuck’s NSA colonel and Skins actress April Pearson who have the same Motorola phones as I am). So I did the basic troubleshooting— switch sims and phones. At midnight, it struck me: My sim card’s busted. But it wasn’t blocked or anything since my phonebook and messages still exist. My phone’s signal was only nowhere to be found. And I had to arrange a kind of movie meet-up with my HS classmates on a Sunday by texting/calling them around. Enter Alanis Morisette: Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?

( The subscriber cannot be bitched. Please try again later… )

The Thin Line Between Hate and More Hate

I cannot seem to locate a venue to release this but there are some things in my twisted life that I love to hate (or technically, to dislike):

  • People who think Ray-Ban‘s at night, indoors, or at any circumstance that doesn’t ask for optometry help, is cool.
  • Those who walk so slow before my pace, when I’m hurrying for something.
  • Most of the ancient, obscure yet applauded motion picture classics: Citizen Kane, Battleship Potemkin, Ozu films, or anything that reminds me of my film class back then. Fine, my German teacher was excellent. But we had it at dull, gloomy Monday mornings and the videotheque ambiance was reminiscent of a Pinoy dim-lit, bamboo, miniature chicken fence.
  • Nicholas Cage.
  • The fact that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer breaks the ice which urges me to go view the film, but I then realize that Nicholas Cage is in it. I’m in a crisis.
  • The predicted fall of Lindsay Lohan.
  • The video of a supposedly UFO in China, but was actually a missile launched…  In Kazakhstan! Hah!
  • This future-inept life that I live upon that causes me to think about these nonsense things then hate them. I hate myself. Bye.

( But somehow my day gets surprisingly brightened up this one girl… )


Sir Barry and Sir Brian (Pic by Bianca Catbagan)

You graduate from the top university in the country but you still are haunted. You smile in front of DSLRs,and show your glee of having surpassed four years (or more) of college. You think by your projection it’s over, but you still have them… They’re there, and they’re a multitude of ghosts. ( Read more… )