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Run Joey Run

War Horse by Steven Spielberg uses the effective formula the director has been known for all his life: Ordinary people facing a tsunami of epic events. Albert (Jeremy Irvine), a hopeful son of a drunkie farmer, adopts and, eventually, falls in deep, sibling-like connection with a horse. The horse named Joey is strong as the Noah’s Ark. The relationship between Albert and Joey goes against the world—even in the midst of war. ( Read more… )

Breaking down “Breaking Dawn”

It wasn’t until he did his first scene shirtless in the first five minutes of Breaking Dawn Part I that the burlier-by-the-second Taylor Lautner would remind me that “Hey, WTF? I’m watching a Twilight film!” As usual, since I was up for some escapism-directed, feel-good stuff, I’d admit that I’ve been amused by the movie. It was a relief emo!Bella Swan had vanished off. Here, she’s just like a normal American teen pretty giddy to taste her first. ( Read more… )

Mario Maurer was here

I covered Penshoppe’s newest boy, Thai actor Mario Maurer and his set of events last week to the ambiance of many screaming Filipino fans. Until now, I still am amazed how a relatively not-so-exposed foreign star had magnetized the Pinoy mob. Many attribute the sensation to his rom-com starrer Crazy Little Thing Called Love, which I have yet to watch. I only have The Love of Siam as a proof of his acting flair, and yep, boy can act. ( Read more… )

Captain America = Zzzzz…

Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger is a sad, dragging movie that was only produced just because it had to anticipate The Avengers, a supposedly mightier flick with a packed cast and a seasoning of relevance to the times. The latter will be shown on 2012. Captain America had a boring arrive for a superhero film; it’s so boring that I’m half-asleep typing this review. ( Read more… )