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I’m praying Japanese I think I’m praying Japanese

An area in Sendai City, in northeastern Japan, that had been swept by the tsunami. (Photo and Caption from NYTimes)

As the rest of the world recently panicked over the devastating tandem of a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and 10m-high tsunami waves, Japan herself actually survived. Well, at least striving to. However, very clearly, the country’s rescue efforts are commendable at best.

In the news, the government deployed 50,000 100,000 men from the military to be of relief services. Not to mention, there are also seeping support the international community.

( Cos history and maybe even God knows: Japan has got her hands on the wheel… )


The Thin Line Between Hate and More Hate

I cannot seem to locate a venue to release this but there are some things in my twisted life that I love to hate (or technically, to dislike):

  • People who think Ray-Ban‘s at night, indoors, or at any circumstance that doesn’t ask for optometry help, is cool.
  • Those who walk so slow before my pace, when I’m hurrying for something.
  • Most of the ancient, obscure yet applauded motion picture classics: Citizen Kane, Battleship Potemkin, Ozu films, or anything that reminds me of my film class back then. Fine, my German teacher was excellent. But we had it at dull, gloomy Monday mornings and the videotheque ambiance was reminiscent of a Pinoy dim-lit, bamboo, miniature chicken fence.
  • Nicholas Cage.
  • The fact that The Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer breaks the ice which urges me to go view the film, but I then realize that Nicholas Cage is in it. I’m in a crisis.
  • The predicted fall of Lindsay Lohan.
  • The video of a supposedly UFO in China, but was actually a missile launched…  In Kazakhstan! Hah!
  • This future-inept life that I live upon that causes me to think about these nonsense things then hate them. I hate myself. Bye.

( But somehow my day gets surprisingly brightened up this one girl… )

You’re a Hot Mess and I’m Falling for You

CMC-JMA Graduates! With KJ and Bia. (Pic by Brian Catbagan)I send my pardon to Cobra Starship but I have a very relevant question to present: WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS KIND OF HEAT? It started a day before my graduation when I urged strongly my mother to let us hang out in the mall. She was gladly willing (or just because the heat too was killing her) so we brought my eight-year old niece Belle along, and proceeded to the air-conditioned consumerist establishment to escape altogether the scalding indoors.

Came my graduation day at UP Ampitheatre right before the univ grad even started, I was with my batchmates waiting under the insufferable sunlight. We were tanning ourselves in classy not to mention itchy Filipiniana. We were being held holocaust to a mighty power that is a medium-sized star. Que horror! ( Read more…)

To the Things that Make Sense

My first statement for this blog entry deserves candor of its own: WORRY NOT, I AM SAFE.

You might not be worrying at all. But being a resident of Marikina, the tide failed to swallow me. The wind drew back from my stature and the rage of nature marched back to his aunties. I cannot die. I am incapable of dying. To surprise my relatives’ home, more known as indestructible, Ondoy (Ketsana) blew our minds off with a bang. The waters rushed inside Saturday noon, until it reached thigh level (at the first floor) that night. Furniture, appliances, heavy furniture and  heavy appliances, were miraculously carried upstairs. Outside, the downpour was unstoppable. And the rest of Metro Manila was havoc. ( Read more… )