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Food + Podcast = Foodcast @ Midnight Mercato

I had the chance to cover the grand launch of RJ Ledesma’s Midnight Mercato last Friday.

Here’s a small chunk of my interview with RJ, yet one of my idols in the industry of men’s magazines. Deep inside me, I was feeling more than thrilled to go face-to-face with The Man who edited/edits MANUAL and UNO, who writes manhood predicaments via his Pogi from a Parallel Universe column, and who built the environment-friendly Mercato Centrale located in Boni High Street.

Pardon the quality of the podcast, apparently something went wrong with the uploading. Or is it just the two us rambling and garbling?

( More food than you need in your pragmatic middle-class existence… )

Kunwari birthday ko pa rin (AUDIO POST)

Hey guys, Barry here! And last Friday, I actually turned 20 years old. So that’s two and a zero. I know, you don’t believe it. I myself don’t believe it but it happened. So I know you might be saying that I look 23 or 24 but whatever now.

So anyway, in celebration of my ~unlikely existence and as well as my supposedly third blog anniversary, I just wanna thank… I just wanna thank everyone, including YOU, for reading this blog. Or in this case, listening to a podcast. I’ve gotten myself a really good share of, you know, stats and comments lately. It’s so overwhelming and wala lang… so that’s what I’m gonna say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. And bye!

WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS: “I… I just wanna thank… I just wanna thank everyone…” accompanied by random pauses and breathing?! What a fucking über-cheesy line I feel strangling myself right now. I feel like a Lucas Scott knockoff. Daputa.

PS I had second thoughts on posting this voice post. Ang cheesy kasi, bad trip. Meanwhile, my first ~podcast can be heard HERE.

I’m Sorry for Being Human (AUDIO POST)

Ever since God transformed me into a worthless bum, my blog has been my life. Now it has come to a point that I’m doing audio posts to channel away the boredom. Yes, to prove to you guys that I’m indeed human, I just made myself a stupid podcast. (Please tell me if my voice sounds creepy here.) It’s in English. English kasi yung WordPress operator language. Nahiya naman pOwZh me. Haha. Labo.

Hi. This is Barry and, uhh, I’m just testing this Audio Voice Post care of WordPress. It’s an awesome feature. That’s it. (long stupid silence that eats up prepaid load) Is it working?

I’ve figured that I’ve said “audio voice post” which is undeniably redundant. I used to call this innovation “Podcast” but then again, it’s too old-school. I tried to do podcasts before but it struck me wearisome to provide for the woodwork and do some editing, uploading, etc. In WordPress however, I just needed to call this number abroad and get myself spared of all the trouble. Except for the credit that it inevitably swallows. If you listened to my puny, pseudo-English, it really is kinda clear. Plus it auto-uploads. Yeah, awesome stuff. [Phone Your Blog]


Wanna Have Some Pun?

I tried to look for a vivid documentation of our Speech121 Underneath Her Clothes production, but so silly of us, everyone in the class poorly utilized their cameras and video cams (probably because of the eerie tension then). However, Ivy’s man actually recorded three-fourths of Cinderella– in where in one scene, I appeared as the gangly fairy god…mader! Lol. Hehe. But wait- sadly, I only chose to post the absolutely depressing first scene where Cinderella’s dad was about to be buried. So here…

Sorry that I kinda posted it late. At least I got to post it just before the second semester starts. Yey! ( Read more… )