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I’m praying Japanese I think I’m praying Japanese

An area in Sendai City, in northeastern Japan, that had been swept by the tsunami. (Photo and Caption from NYTimes)

As the rest of the world recently panicked over the devastating tandem of a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and 10m-high tsunami waves, Japan herself actually survived. Well, at least striving to. However, very clearly, the country’s rescue efforts are commendable at best.

In the news, the government deployed 50,000 100,000 men from the military to be of relief services. Not to mention, there are also seeping support the international community.

( Cos history and maybe even God knows: Japan has got her hands on the wheel… )


Taxi Evasion

My relationship with cab drivers is more than symbiotic. They take me to my destination; I pay them with the exact amount plus  a sensible chat. We don’t just talk about the weather. We talk about politics, celebrities, business,  the unending hardships of life and more weather. The cabbies I usually frequent to are nice and intelligent. They make it seem like life was easier with just driving to nowhere. ( Read more… )

Mind Wanking Real-Time

What’s specifically delightful about Chrisopher Nolan’s Inception is that betwixt the sick, endless, John Nash-ish questioning on the complexities of human’s consciousness, you’d still understand it. You might have napped as soon as you arrived home (cos I know I did), but you’d still know what the hell was going on. He just outright knows your worst nightmare and he brings it to your silly face. ( Read more… )


Honestly, I never imagined the Philippines to be under the regime of a Noynoy Aquino. He never looked stern, or even pleasant. He was poker-faced and as much as I avoid judging from the exteriors, I want a leader who does not compromise for his/her people and it must start from the way he walks and talks. I simply do not buy the yellow ribbon hype. What has he done to be president? What has he done to have the gall to even run for president? Most of my nuclear family members voted for him just because he has “high moral grounds.” Genuinely, we’re not the Vatican for this sainthood testimony. We are a country– granted technical “democracy” to vote for whom we think can handle our overall shit. Can a fledgling spawn Aquino (or a deposed presidential zombie Estrada or an eerie disqualified Acosta) do that? I voted for Dick Gordon cos I believed in him; he’s done some dirty things too but he proved also that he can be something cos he did SOMETHING. I don’t care if I voted for someone who doesn’t do well in the surveys. I don’t give a damn if my candidate makes it bottom three. Call me idealistic or whatever, but if we just give in to what’s “realistic” and vomit our idealism, then clearly we deserve Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Manny Pacquiao, and all these ugly results  (Oh have I mentioned Gloria Arroyo??) we’re facing right now.