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I’m praying Japanese I think I’m praying Japanese

An area in Sendai City, in northeastern Japan, that had been swept by the tsunami. (Photo and Caption from NYTimes)

As the rest of the world recently panicked over the devastating tandem of a 8.9 magnitude earthquake and 10m-high tsunami waves, Japan herself actually survived. Well, at least striving to. However, very clearly, the country’s rescue efforts are commendable at best.

In the news, the government deployed 50,000 100,000 men from the military to be of relief services. Not to mention, there are also seeping support the international community.

( Cos history and maybe even God knows: Japan has got her hands on the wheel… )

“What’s up, science bitchiz?”

Good news for the whole universe (in a hot dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started!). The epic The Big Bang Theory just received a nod to push through for another 3 years. The show will thus run until 2013-14. Although I haven’t been watching this TV comedy hit  recently, I really have to say that I miss it so much. I miss Sheldon Cooper, his sacrcasm and geekiness. ( Read more… )

The Wages of Powerpoint Ignorance

A lot of people I know, including myself, suck at Microsoft Powerpoint. Guess it’s just that we have taken it for granted ever since we first used it for our sloppy reports on The Iliad and The Odyssey in– I dunno–  high school. But of course,  Powerpoint is beyond that. By this, you have to first watch the following video to know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ll be as stupefied as I was. Watch now! ( Read more… )

Diet Another Day

I’m not a healthy person, that’s pretty obvious. Vegetables are my mortal enemies; I eat veggies when I just feel like it. I better sing Journey’s Open Arms than stuff my mouth with anything that belongs to the “Glow” food. I like lettuce coleslaw, malunggay and broccoli, and so on, though. My mom’s post-stroke case has led her to watch her diet with the copiousness of, eww, gulay. Everybody listen now! ( Read more… )