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Cuter than Dora the Explorer’s talking backpack

People have called me “childish” and “immature” basing on my inclination towards the spunky/bold over the mature/old-fashioned. Here’s a brand to prove that more. Fjallraven, which means arctic fox, has become my new brand of lust. It carries, amongst travel wear and accessories, pretty daypacks, which haven’t only proven its functionality over time but also its endurance. Let’s all ogle at this Swedish cuteness. ( Read more… )

He doesn’t need tickets. He’s Chuck Bass

Avid viewers have familiarized him as the slithering snob Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. But in the press conference held Thursday night at the Peninsula Manila, Ed Westwick flayed his bad boy role and image. The British actor, who’s now the new endorser of local brand Penshoppe, was very friendly to the press. Ed accommodated questions from some reporters who even failed to hold back their fangirl-ness as expected. ( Read more… )

Everyone wants to be Lady Gaga

I didn’t know Princess Beatrice of York until I saw that uterus-looking “hat” of hers that she brandished atop her head in the Royal Wedding weeks ago. At first I was like, “Wait up, is that a doe-eyed Lady Gaga?” And then I was like, “If that’s Lady Gaga, why is she not wearing a raw sirloin steak?” Turned out that I was wrong on both counts. It was not Lady Gaga. But a royal fashionista with a lot of chutzpah. LOL. ( Read more… )

Define: Fashion Wayward

A few weeks ago, fashion icons Nigel Barker and J Alexander of hit show America’s Next Top Model visited the country for a book tour. Got to attend one held in Trinoma. The two mainly talked about beauty and, well, why the fashion biz isn’t really superficial. Highlights of the meet-and-greet include Miss J’s fierce ramp walk, gals screaming for Nigel and why Nigel was even sporting… Is that his HAIR??? Lol. ( Read more… )