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Puerto Paraiso

I’ve committed a gruelingly impulsive move late May by heading to Palawan with a friend. I found refuge, interestingly after my resignation, in the serene land of Puerto Princesa–so-called because of its historical roots (Wiki yourself up). Luckily, the economic relationship the “first-class” city creates with tourists is quite firm: A haven for wallet-tightening proletarians! Apart from that, Puerto Princesa has a lot more to tell. ( Read more… )


Hey June! (Don’t let me down!)

We’re in the second half of the year and I’ve barely even noticed it.  I’m expecting a lot to accomplish in the remaining months so I’m just sticking to how The Beatles would deal with it: “Hey (June), don’t let me down!” I have to put my game face on and start with a clean slate. (If anyone cares, I’ve freshened-up this blog’s theme c/o the fluorescent Mystique.) I have, however, yet more to achieve in the next book of my 2011. Let’s go, self! ( Read more… )