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That awkward moment when you say, “Excuse me, Twilight fans”

MTV surely knows how hype works with Teen Wolf as case in point. In a scot-free attempt, the summerrific show makes it seem that it’s not at all feeding from the Twilight spectacle. The show centers on werewolves, enemies of vampires in many folk and pop culture tall tales. The entire set-up is unbelievable yet it gravitates even those who actually believe that nothing supernatural happens in the Californian woods. ( Read more… )

Has the circus come to town or what?

To everyone’s thrill, the fifth season of the British TV hit Skins has finally landed to our boring monitors. Another 10 episodes of in-your-face sex, drugs, relationships and gender bonkers,  and all sort of teenage problems will once again remind us that we do live  insufferably black-and-white lives and that sometimes, reveling towards the the dark side is the bestest option to consider. ( Read more… )

“What’s up, science bitchiz?”

Good news for the whole universe (in a hot dense state, then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started!). The epic The Big Bang Theory just received a nod to push through for another 3 years. The show will thus run until 2013-14. Although I haven’t been watching this TV comedy hit  recently, I really have to say that I miss it so much. I miss Sheldon Cooper, his sacrcasm and geekiness. ( Read more… )

Empire Stage of Mind

So the singing corps of Will Schuster officially returned for second season yesterday. Fact: Matt, the other dancing football guy transferred somewhere else. Fallacy: Every single McKinley High soul wants to replace him even if immediate hospitality is guaranteed. New Directions kicks off with slushied slates– the still loser club everyone thinks of, and I  missed them. So did everyone. ( Read more… )