When icons die

We literally woke up to the news that Whitney Houston, one of the greatest female voices of all time, has passed away. She was found dead inside a room in a hotel, the venue of the pre-Grammy event of which she was to perform. Apart from her immediate family and friends, Whitney leaves folds of fans and people she has touched with her music worldwide—mourning. She was 48. ( Read more… )


The weeks that were

To make easier my self-imposed goal to blog as regularly as possible, I have decided to post gratuitous photos of my self and to just simply comment on them. In short, I will blog as if I am a sleep-deprived college student whining about homework on the Internet. (Technically, that was how I were back then. Haha!) The recent weeks have been frantic and pumped up they need to be recorded. Brace yourself: Here’s a little treat of vanity. ( Read more… )

Back to blogging

I was chilling out at Xocolat, Katipunan last Saturday with my friend Aien, who later asked me to help her build a “real” blog. By real, she meant something that shows some personality, and with no-nonsense, original content. I suggested she try out WordPress, the platform which I’ve been using for the past four years. I then gave her a little tutorial about how it works. Then it struck me: I miss blogging, and the entire experience of it. ( Read more… )

The one that got away

I used to frown over the Friday the 13th curse, thus I did find paraskevidekatriaphobia ridiculous. On the 13th of January 2012, however, around 8:40 on a Friday evening I lost my phone. I was dropping off a cab at a nearby milk tea shop on Katipunan. As soon as I stepped out, I groped my pockets only to realize that my phone had vanished. I rummaged my bag. Nothing. I turned around, and the cab was whooshing. ( Read more… )