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Literally on Fox News

I’ve figured that Twilight is not that annoying to me. I don’t care if people find Twilight|book or the Twilight|movie the best series of which ever. I don’t care if they call it worst also, as I am fully secure of my personal taste. I know a few absolute suckers for this kind of “romance,” but they’re way cooler than what’s expected. But as for people going beyond fandom by dressing (and acting) like vampires/werewolves, I lay my ground to reevaluate. ( Read more… )


It’s All Coming Back

Pub LAKAS! (Pic by Myself)

And so I actually returned. Funny how I can still blog after all the stress pounding on my face lately. I must admit, 2010 opened with a blast. I’ve been really squeezing myself to fit in all appointments (academic, extra-curricular and social). Being busy has made me be oblivious of how fat time flies (Read: graduation in two months!). And so before you start flogging me with my emo-ness, I’ve prepared a pictoblog for you, guys. Enjoy! ( Read more… )

Good Denims Go Bad

dr_jeanI was almost to recant my meteoric tirades about the rain. But lately, I’ve been waking up to a deafening downpour. I laze down with the hope that someone would text that classes got suspended. I disappoint myself more waiting for nothing. I walk out of the house in denim only to get it… wet.

I know we all have denims in our closets; some may rather have denims than closets themselves. Those blue jeans are so ubiquitous that you can match it with anything. Don’t they only look utilitarian and edgy, but when it’s shaded dark they come as nonetheless classy. I like mine semi-fit so air can still cool my thighs. Girls probably like theirs fit to their limbs that you’d wonder how they ever move. And of course, guys emulate the bizarre idea and walk around looking like shanghai rolls. ( Read more… )

The Flossy, Flossy, the Glamorous

Barry and Alumni

Barry and MCO Alumni

Last Friday night was, in my about four years of membership, my very first MCO Night. Happening only once a year to culminate the student organization’s anniversary, resident members and alumni would raid their closets to look good, gorgeous and g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s in a civilized— well, theoretically— dinner. I’ve gotta look dazzling, I then thought. Turned out, I was among six other guy orgmates asked and/or tasked to dress… in drag. ( Read more… )