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Broken Strings

blake in blackI admit it: I slept through the State of the Nation Address (SONA) yesterday. Worse, I didn’t even have the effort to switch on the television to behold Gloria’s face. More to admit, I’m supposed to be a journalism student— let me rephrase that, I Am A Journalism Student Who Ought To Watch The SONA. From the five Ws and one H of the news writing course, Gloria is the most relevant newsmaker there is (at least until her term’s over). And the media, as watchdogs, had to endure capturing all her accounts from her evidences of corruption to disgusting boob jobs down to her JC Buendia gowns.

Ahh… Gloria. It’s been eight years, my moronic countrymen, and I survived. I might as well be featured in Survivor for the Philippine government is such a grotesque place to live in. ( Read more… )


Thesis Really It

More or less after a year, you would spot me already wretched in a capricious grade-conscious mode in the CMC library, winking teary and chinky eyes, perpetually flipping books and unpublished theses, jotting down like a seismograph measuring earth tremors, all in the love of holy research, err… thesis. [Thesis Not It]

S c r e w i t !

I never thought I’d be chewing on my words when I blogged about it last year. I’m here aghast by the realization that I Do Not Have a research problem yet. It’s weird is it not? My problem is looking for a problem. I’m bereft of focus, of inclination, of passion to go not suck up and head to the library and look up for subjects of discourse, inhale and utterly masticate likable trends, current events and all that shit. Or at least to pretend to. ( Read more… )

Dare You To Shove

Pic by Jun Acculador

Pic by Jun Acculador

Sometimes, I find it difficult to assert my human rights. Yes, I’m actually a human if you didn’t notice. I discover my inability to protect my basic interest from the harshness of everyday life.

This is not to infer though that I am stupid, or in many cases, overtly nice. I am especially sociable, not nice– there’s a malicious difference. If you are my friend, you should know. As for the unfortunate “harsh” instances that occur on a daily basis, I mean the routine we all do that happen between our gargling to snoozing. Walking, taking a cab, ordering in a fastfood chain, buying movie tickets, all of it. It’s a common knowledge that we all have equal rights among these rituals. ( Read more… )

Emotive Health Bill

In Ateneo

Lam nio b n sa pagtaas ng bilang ng emo sa pinas ay tumataas ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa? Madaming nabigyan ng trabaho sa pagbubukas ng mga bagong pabrika ng blade at eye liner. Dumami rin ang mga barber shops at higit sa lahat… maraming ngppakamatay kaya lumiliit ang populasyon. Kya kung gusto m maging emo, GO FOR IT! Isa kng bayani n gating bansa! [Bob Ong]

I may not be absolutely correct with the source of the quote since everybody in the group messaging battalions are pretending to have read some Bob Ong book of humor, though in actuality, they aren’t even aware of the real identity of the author if he is real, or is just a group of witty writers.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I strongly detest EMOs. Okay fine, call me judgmental but if they think they have freedom of expression, I’m abusing it as well. ( Read bleeding more… )