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Kunwari birthday ko pa rin (AUDIO POST)

Hey guys, Barry here! And last Friday, I actually turned 20 years old. So that’s two and a zero. I know, you don’t believe it. I myself don’t believe it but it happened. So I know you might be saying that I look 23 or 24 but whatever now.

So anyway, in celebration of my ~unlikely existence and as well as my supposedly third blog anniversary, I just wanna thank… I just wanna thank everyone, including YOU, for reading this blog. Or in this case, listening to a podcast. I’ve gotten myself a really good share of, you know, stats and comments lately. It’s so overwhelming and wala lang… so that’s what I’m gonna say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. And bye!

WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS: “I… I just wanna thank… I just wanna thank everyone…” accompanied by random pauses and breathing?! What a fucking über-cheesy line I feel strangling myself right now. I feel like a Lucas Scott knockoff. Daputa.

PS I had second thoughts on posting this voice post. Ang cheesy kasi, bad trip. Meanwhile, my first ~podcast can be heard HERE.

As We Go On, We Remember What?

Graduation Sablay Pictures

Graduation Sablay Pictures

Funny how we in CMC, inserted our “graduation photos” shoot on the last week of September crunch. The zits and eye bags were breaking loose as lack of sleep was apparent on our sluggish-looking faces. All of us cannot wait for sembreak, and the one week no-class period was a more or less atypical answer to our chase for rest.

At Wednesday morning last week, I had my photo shoot (Again, no such noun as PICTORIAL!). Fortunately, It wasn’t that obvious though that I was restless the night before— thanks to my Socio10 midterm review plus an inexorable wisdom tooth-ache. No, the pictures weren’t edited: The make-up artist and the photographer did all the wonders. Now please, control yourself from laughing. Finally sing the Vitamin C classic. ( Read more… )

Fill in the Blanks

There is precisely nothing special about the number nineteen. (Didn’t you know that there are 19 angels guarding hell according to Qur’an?) This is the reason why I’m not exactly ecstatic about my 19th birthday. Yep, again I am commemorating my anniversary of living within this cosmic punishment. I’m lonely not just this day, but these days. This I think is the saddest of all birthdays I had; I’m not even celebrating today. I ate pancit canton for lunch, welcomed a crazy weather, and took a jeepney home for the first time in months. A family merrymaking will happen this weekend but I don’t know which day. I know, I know, I sound too pessimistic and trivial about a supposedly important day in my life. But what else is there in the 19th really? I believe this is the part where a person should rewind his experiences and muse on the existential crises he has undergone in the past. This puts me in the hot seat: Am I worthy of continuing this voyage?

Lend Me Your Fears

Astraphobic, anyone else?We all have phobias. I myself am guilty of my occasional fear (and disgust) on rats. But Pikachu is an exception.

  • Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightning. I actually was traumatized when I was a kid; what happened was I climbed upstairs in our room to get back my toys in a middle of a storm. When I was about to exit, a purple crack sparked on both my sides. I didn’t know what the hell just happened.
  • Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals. When I was in third grade, I was diagnosed with H-fever, making me to skip classes for almost a quarter. I almost died, or at least I believed I did. And then last year, my dad was entered into the ICU. I hate hospitals. And death.
  • Autodysomophobia Fear that one has a vile odor. Rude much? Nah, I just don’t want my self to stench especially if I just bathed, ye know. I think this is normal. ( 7 more fear factors!!! )