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For once, let’s not talk about Blake Lively’s mammary glands

I saw it coming: Green Lantern was gonna stink. I’d put the blame on the following factored altogether: Ryan Reynolds’ charisma withering, the ~obscenity*~ knowing that Ryan in a costume was actually naked while shooting (WTF CGI?!), a storyline beyond confusing and illogical (notwithstanding my given disinterest in the DC character), the (non) special effects, and, the disappointment my future concubine, Blake Lively was. ( Read more… )

Time to wear my underwear inside out

In case you didn’t notice, we have a truckload of superhero movies lined up for this summer.  So hurrah for geekdom! There’s Green Lantern, Thor, Captain America and, of course, my life, X-Men: First Class. I honestly don’t know if I will be able to catch them one after the other, but I’m really feeling shallow and giddy these men in crappy tights and cape (and hammer) are gracing the big screen soon. ( Read more… )

Live like We’re Dying

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it” – a classic Cady Heron line, I know. But with its proximity to the first days of November, which means Undas, and the recent natural malevolence going on, I think the recent theme has been death. From Paul the Octopus to Kookie Ramirez to Indonesians to Blake-Penn romance, death is all over! ( Read more… )

Superficial Intelligence

It is a wonder why I watch TV shows that are so inane they might as well grind my brain into rat droppings. First, it’s fun to watch good-looking, poreless celebs appear ridiculous. And second, it kinda brings complacence to know you’re more intelligent than some people in the world.

In the world of Gossip Girl, no one is real albeit being a teen drama New York-based show. Good ol’ season one is now no more. ( Read more… )