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Chit Estella, 54

They say the only time you’ll be able to feel a person’s worth in your life is in his/her absence. Saying goodbye is my weakness, more so is death. A college professor of mine died last night in a bus-taxi collision along “killer highway” Commonwealth Ave. She was aboard a cab that got disastrously smashed by a Universal Guiding Star PUB. Lourdes “Chit” Estella Simbulan, a veteran journo and respected professor, was 54. ( Read more… )

(More) Greed is Good

I’m not fully jolly enough to be all blog-giddy guys. And you all know why. I just have to write this just because I write and I cannot not write things I want to write, assuming I write well or even just “write.” So right now, lemme write about Michael Douglas and Resorts World’s Cinema. So that’s me tackling about greed and more greed. Why is greed so attracting and why are attractions so greedy? ( Read more… )

Quotes for the Un/Employed

I was snatched by my fellow unemployed journalism-alumni friends Kat and KJ a while ago, walked back and forth UP-CMC to file some request for a transcript of my grades and generally talked/ranted/expressed astronomical angst about, well, non-life. Ultimately, we had the following directly translated quotable quotes you yourself might use for your daily living. Assuming you look up to us as pedestals of unemployed:

( Don’t console me. You can only console me if you can gimme a job. )

Shredding Abstracts

The Start of a Colorful Revolution (Pic by Party Shaker)

Two days after the graduation ceremony, we in the UP College of Mass Communication threw a night that would’ve started a “colorful revolution.” Held in Prestige Tower Roof Deck, more or less 50 recent alumni, pseudo-alumni and aspiring alumni (Hello, B-an!) made a fool of themselves making it one of the most fun and funny nights I ever had. ( Read more… )