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Forever twenee-one

I thought I could blog during my birthday (September 17) but thanks to my buzzkill of a schedule, I haven’t even had a chance to greet myself on this online diary. But yeah, if you’re interested to know, I just turned 21. It’s my debut (or coarsely in Pinoy lingo, “deboo”). I find growing a year older way too existential for me. Considerably a last-born among my batch, I’ve learned to pinpoint age as a major factor in life: In success, and in tragedy. ( Read more… )

What’s with my emo tweets? Gross.

They say all good things come to an end. Or, there’s nothing permanent in this world. Add to the list the many self-consoling maxims that will attempt to make you  feel better even if you goddamm know nothing’s going to fix your frown. Even if they’re going to bribe you with a bar bars of Snickers (effectiveness maybe dependent), you end up succumbing up to the fact that it’s, well, hopeless. That there’s nothing left to fight for. ( Read more… )

Mind Wanking Real-Time

What’s specifically delightful about Chrisopher Nolan’s Inception is that betwixt the sick, endless, John Nash-ish questioning on the complexities of human’s consciousness, you’d still understand it. You might have napped as soon as you arrived home (cos I know I did), but you’d still know what the hell was going on. He just outright knows your worst nightmare and he brings it to your silly face. ( Read more… )

I Dreamed A Double Dream

Dear fortunetellers, soothsayers, astrologers– both Western and Vedic practitioners– and those who just infer that something is written in the stars, I have a very important case for you. First dream last night: I came back to St. Paul all-perky, and randomly all my high school teachers were persistently convincing me to become a… PRIEST. Is that normal? Me? A priest? Curse the Vatican now. ( Read more… )