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The Antisocial Network

Dear blog,

I’m sorry for haven’t been updating you. It’s just that I’m preoccupied to the point that I almost can’t even breath. It’s like I’m trapped in a boudiour where drag queens are also free to come in, making the room more crammed than ever. I’m having so much fun though. It’s like I’m always on an adrenaline rush. Which means I don’t have to spend for any cardiovascular session in a health buff parlor aka The Gym.

With my new graveyard schedule, I am nothing but fascinated. And I’m not being sarcastic cos really… I love the wee hours. Someday I just have to be bestowed with a good slumber and I guess I’m good.

During my shift, the newsroom is unbelievably cold and quiet. But with my ANC crush in the other alley, I ain’t complaining.

And since it’s December 1 today, guess Christmas is just around the corner. Look! There’s snow falling down in my blog!

Rushing (again),


Absolute Affinity (and Beyond)

Categorically, I think UP JMA’s Ad Hoc parties are what college in the metro is all about. Solving problem sets, accomplishing spadework for articles, burning the midnight oil (Nagsusunog ng kilay)— as much as I wanna avoid dragging every student to becoming Paula Abduls— all these only come second to drinking one’s weary self to the top, no? ( Read more… )

At the Hipsterranean Coast

Last Saturday night,  I innocuously  managed to insert my humdrum, mainstream self in the sea of Manila’s hipsters, both from true-blue and Muggle origins, at Meiday concert in Cubao X. Twas my first time in the place, and so I have to thank Chuicide for my unplanned quasi-wasted night. (She later called me a “hipster-virgin” as if I had kept a friggin’ hipster hymen.) This was definitely one for the books. ( Read more… )

Things We Do for Happiness

Did I just get myself kind of buzzed from those supposedly  innocuous, GV-generating mini-doughnuts from Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips? Met up with Riziel and Chino at the pastry place this afternoon, nibbled, ate up maybe less than 10 delectable choco-Oreo, choco-peanut butter, chocolate chip peanut butter, and other hybrids and suddenly, it felt like I just got myself imbibed. Too much endorphins, I believed, just transformed me into a  hyperactive… Dionysian.