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Diet Another Day

I’m not a healthy person, that’s pretty obvious. Vegetables are my mortal enemies; I eat veggies when I just feel like it. I better sing Journey’s Open Arms than stuff my mouth with anything that belongs to the “Glow” food. I like lettuce coleslaw, malunggay and broccoli, and so on, though. My mom’s post-stroke case has led her to watch her diet with the copiousness of, eww, gulay. Everybody listen now! ( Read more… )

The Eat Boy

Last month, in a palatal mood to just go outdoors and eat everything (or everyone) delectable at sight, I accompanied my friend Jean to try out some restaurants and other chill spots around the metro. This was a raket she had in, which she now is employed under as the editorial assistant. We braved indigestion twice– one in Reposo, Makati and another in Kapitolyo, Pasig. She was thankful for my black-hole-like  tummy later on. ( Read more… )

Things We Do for Happiness

Did I just get myself kind of buzzed from those supposedly  innocuous, GV-generating mini-doughnuts from Cello’s Doughnuts and Dips? Met up with Riziel and Chino at the pastry place this afternoon, nibbled, ate up maybe less than 10 delectable choco-Oreo, choco-peanut butter, chocolate chip peanut butter, and other hybrids and suddenly, it felt like I just got myself imbibed. Too much endorphins, I believed, just transformed me into a  hyperactive… Dionysian.

Free and Fleeting

After today, I’ve finally learned what I will be in the very near future. Actually, it started a bit scripted. I was supposed to go to CMC and perform thesis-related errands but only managed to borrow a helpful book. I ended up having lunch with my good friend Nigel at TechnoHub laughing about a certain strange college candidate and schmoozing about our dream escapades. I then came back to UP only to cross paths with MCO orgmate Jerson who grabbed me to a technical rehearsal of a DUP play he is in. I indeed went and watched. I later chatted him up about our other orgmates  Jau and Ana Tan passing the renowned LAE… and that’s it, I’ve learned IT.

( So you think I’m going to Law school now, huh? Are you my dad? )