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5, 6, 7, 8!!!

This is my first attempt to present a real pictoblog. Yikes, hope you’ll like it!

Yesterday, classes were supposedly suspended but thanks to our über-demanding Speech 121 class our weary and slack souls were mandated to perform in front of the alumni for this awarding thing. ( so we took happy happy pictures!!! )

Mic Only Love

Right now, I am somehow parched on things to blog about because hanging out with friends made me busy these days. Although, I’m not missing school-that-makes-me-über-busy anyway. Lol. I just edited some pics here. This post is to satisfy a pictoblog pursuit. Kunti lang text.

Last Thursday, I slept in Jokko’s plush condo-slash-shop with Carl. Ang boring kaya, I mean tatlo lang kami. ( but still ayos lang kung tutuusin )

Picnic in a Skyscraper

Apparently, this WordPress has also become a birthday-testimonial blog: I write sometimes about the people (very close to me) and most often, I greet the rest as a group especially when I lacked the appropriate time to make delightful posts about them as birthday sort a’ gifts. Hehe. As a solution, this genius (or ME) just flicked this bright idea of making a poster where the pictures are juxtaposed together to make my greetings more uh sincere. Lol.


Yesterday, I had the choice not to go out so that I could peruse for Tuesday’s PolSci14 second exam. But seriously, when was I ever absent for my org/s’ activities? Hehe. So I went to Cubao to culminate the application process through the Induction. And I didn’t regret staying there for the rest of the day on the top floor of a condominium— IT WAS PURE FUN! Read the rest of this entry