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“You think that’s hard? I watched this friggin’ tearjerker movie, that’s hard!”

Just arrived from Joji Matsuoka’s emotionally tiring two-hour twenty-two-minute TOKYO TOWER: Mom and Me, and Sometimes Dad at Eiga Sai in Shangri-la Plaza. One: I was supposed to strongly relate with Boku such that I  had expected myself to bawl (judging from the trailer). Two: Amid the powerful grip of tear guts, I sufficiently had my heart crushed I couldn’t donate it anymore. ( Read more… )


You’re a Hot Mess and I’m Falling for You

CMC-JMA Graduates! With KJ and Bia. (Pic by Brian Catbagan)I send my pardon to Cobra Starship but I have a very relevant question to present: WHAT THE FUDGE IS THIS KIND OF HEAT? It started a day before my graduation when I urged strongly my mother to let us hang out in the mall. She was gladly willing (or just because the heat too was killing her) so we brought my eight-year old niece Belle along, and proceeded to the air-conditioned consumerist establishment to escape altogether the scalding indoors.

Came my graduation day at UP Ampitheatre right before the univ grad even started, I was with my batchmates waiting under the insufferable sunlight. We were tanning ourselves in classy not to mention itchy Filipiniana. We were being held holocaust to a mighty power that is a medium-sized star. Que horror! ( Read more…)

Shredding Abstracts

The Start of a Colorful Revolution (Pic by Party Shaker)

Two days after the graduation ceremony, we in the UP College of Mass Communication threw a night that would’ve started a “colorful revolution.” Held in Prestige Tower Roof Deck, more or less 50 recent alumni, pseudo-alumni and aspiring alumni (Hello, B-an!) made a fool of themselves making it one of the most fun and funny nights I ever had. ( Read more… )

Oh My Grad!

Thanks for the applause and cheer guys, I didn’t expect that. Barry Cyrus Reintegrado Viloria. 2006-70277. Alumnus, bitch. Pic by Nigel Cornel.