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Life after Harry Potter

It’s a shame toward my generation that I admit this: I was not that big a fan of the Harry Potter series. (Throw those judging leers, Rowling followers!) I, however, have experienced the Potter fever for a brief time in high school. I may have stopped reading after the fourth book (aka pop culture suicide) but when I depended my attraction to the series through those blockbuster movies, I’d say the magic was still there. ( Read more… )

Barbecue of Roses

A century ago– meaning some weeks ago in the regulations of blogging– I hung out with fellow high school bums Yayi and Ralph, and altogether hunted for the mouth-watering barbecue of Tower Café. It was an effort to quell my personal issues with being a lost, rudderless graduate. They too were as quite as anxious about… I dunno. Yeah, the things we do to lick our wounds. BBQ=FTW. ( Read more… )

Hormonal Eclipse of the Heart

My recent affliction for the swearing-induced culture of the British has had me dig in Skins and Minette Walters easily. I thought it was a coincidence with my current phase of knowing else what to do with my youth, alongside the thwarting temptation of, um, unemployment. Not that I can relate heads up with all the sex, drugs, and other unpopular dilemmas, but bullshits come and go, right?? ( Read more… )

Ugh, that’s so high school!

For the past days, I’ve met with a few of my high school friends just for the sake of it. The last mega reunion was a while back and, even if we’re just about 10 to have gone to recent senseless rendezvous, I still miss high school. I miss complaining over restraint and control. I miss the times I broke in the girls’ bathrooms, jeering away all stupid Catholic school rules that surfaced across  our tainted, whacked world...