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Run Joey Run

War Horse by Steven Spielberg uses the effective formula the director has been known for all his life: Ordinary people facing a tsunami of epic events. Albert (Jeremy Irvine), a hopeful son of a drunkie farmer, adopts and, eventually, falls in deep, sibling-like connection with a horse. The horse named Joey is strong as the Noah’s Ark. The relationship between Albert and Joey goes against the world—even in the midst of war. ( Read more… )


Goodbye and Yellow

Pic by Ronin Bautista (Shiela, Barry, Pao, Billie, Trish)

Pic by Ronin Bautista

Two Fridays ago, my speech friends Lui, Angela and Pau were haply all clad in shades of yellow. They did not talk about doing a dance number. At the same day, there was a class rumor that indeed, Cory Aquino was dead. We then mused on the very bleak coincidence. Turned out it wasn’t true. Only then after about seven days, the portent materialized in front of the nation’s eyes. The former president is dead. She is, and we couldn’t do anything about it.

( WARNING: Too much stress, too many events, too many pictures, so little time… )