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Not really popular Barry

So I kind of was assumptive already that over the Internet, this crappy blog has been sort of ~popular. (Barf, barf, barf!) But I didn’t really know it was Google-able. Apparently, my name, blog and identity (emphasis on this, please) are altogether prone to cyberstalkers, bored netizens, spammers, grammar Nazis, and parents alike. Honestly, I’m not that thrilled with this… whatdoyouevencallthisnow? Honestly, no.

And oh, the last time I checked, I got like more than 4,000 hits COMMENTS already. Thank you guys! Keep on commenting!

PS I’m not that guy in Los Angeles. Although, I know there exists one namesake who works as a honcho of some real estate company. He emailed me once hence the momentary existential crisis. (View email screencap here)


Work Press

This WordPress account of mine is purely by accident. You see, I was a Blogger user before I forgot my password which I changed a day before logging in again. I was so anxious of not getting my blog back since Blogger and Gmail fused with the concept of a “uni-password.” I remember SMSing Jau and Bikoy that time to find a remedy. Alas, my stupidity translated to misery.

( first wordpress blog anniversary!!! )