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Not Hot!

Had someone thought of you having like a crush on him/her? A girl, for example, would be whimsical enough to think that indeed, you share some romantic interests on her. Wherein, of course, the usual mistake would be that actually, you hell don’t like her. You’re just being a pious gentleman or a wacky extrovert, and she’d be thinking more profound intentions from those works of mercy. What if, she then leaks it to her girlfriends, and you’d be, you know, surprised that hey, everyone thinks that you’re kissing THAT girl’s rear for, uhh, love? Have you had this experience yet?

Barry, Ivy Cay, Kelvin and Jean

Barry, Ivy Cay, Kelvin and Jean

Honestly, I had. As expected, the girls sometimes turned out to be my actual crush. And it added some kilig points for that matter. But there were also times when these narcissistic, overconfident and galling individuals were officially underneath my standards. I mean, were they even thinking when they imagined that I’d like them?

I do not intend entirely to be mayabang or “feeling” for this affair. But come on, assuming it sternly and insisting it on other individuals are close to my Back-Off-From-Me meter. The concept of liking someone (or “crush”) is sane, lovely, artistic and blissful. It’s not just some crappy indiscriminate issue, right? Please do tell me I’m correct. ( Moving on… )

My Txt Commandments

I love texting. I mean to the point of making sense in every text message I send. So what exactly do I mean? Here ye go:

1. I text with virtually no smiley’s. But if I feel that I need to put one, I put “=}.” Either or, I come as a neutral speaker in this kind of communication. By replying, I think people should put some icons which tell their mood- like “hehe,” “aww,” or even “tnx.” So please, do not text me with a commanding tone like “Kailangan ko yung book mo bukas. Reply ASAP.” Reply your ass.

2. I type in straight small letters and almost in correct spellings. I don’t use much punctuation aside from period (not ellipses) and comma.

3. If you text me, try to make sense. I don’t mind ritualistic greetings but group messages– which are of no importance to me- waste my time and cellphone battery. Keep it to your self, will you?

4. I like receiving jokes. It can make my day actually.

5. I like people who reply at times when you needed someone to talk to, and I only got my self and a loaded cellphone. It’s not a coincidence that they’re patching up the quote “A friend in need is a friend in deed.” And if they comfort me well, I know that I’ve got to treasure them. ( Read More… )

Deception Boink

I do not intend to be insensitive but why does THIS maid make me… queasy?

Her lies are pathetic; if she’d lie at you,obviously she wasn’t even thinking. At home, our IQ levels are not to be undermined. She knows that, but then she bludgeons us with all ludicrous imbento (hoax). Let us call her Alice.

Alice has a different religion from ours, and fortunately, she has always been given consideration to attend their mass on a Sunday. She goes to their temple, a five-minute tricycle ride from us. So, that’s just fair. She leaves at nine in the morning and comes back at two or so in the afternoon.

One day, she tells me that she does not really attend masses in the neighborhood. “Where do you go then?” I ask. She says she travels pa via jeepney to another temple relatively far from the former and indeed, very impractical. I argue that she’s lucky she gets permission to loiter around, so I tell her to quit that stupid itinerary.

With all the lies in the world, I hate her more with this one…

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