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Chit Estella, 54

They say the only time you’ll be able to feel a person’s worth in your life is in his/her absence. Saying goodbye is my weakness, more so is death. A college professor of mine died last night in a bus-taxi collision along “killer highway” Commonwealth Ave. She was aboard a cab that got disastrously smashed by a Universal Guiding Star PUB. Lourdes “Chit” Estella Simbulan, a veteran journo and respected professor, was 54. ( Read more… )


Cos Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication

Name a mainstream local journalist who makes you feel like submitting yourself into idolatry. Someone you could write a biographical novelette of, someone you could endure breathing the same air in the same room with. Think. Think real hard now… Going once? Going twice?

Does the beauty pageant question kill you? That’s understandable. Giveaway answer of course: Cheche Lazaro, duh. ( Read more… )

Who Wanna Get Chucked Up?

The Cast of Chuck. Woot! (Pic Googled)

With the recent goings-on in my life, I should probably star in a movie titled, “The Life of the Unemployed” or worse “A Pig’s Life.” Admittedly, I’ve been a tacky sluggish college graduate with no job and with no energy of finding one. For the past week, my non-life has been spent on watching movies, playing DVDs, drinking, sleeping, surfing the net and more sleeping. As of now, I’m greatly enjoying it, even if one more minute of laziness and my mother will bifurcate me (HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY!). As of now, I got my college friends and Chuck. ( Read more… )

Not Everyone Runs on Batteries


Stark sends sparks to the air with his attitude.

What’s specifically endearing about the tin-molded superhero Iron Man is the Man in it: Tony Stark. He’s brightly narcissistic, engagingly adventurous and astonishingly witty. Iron Man for me was never a great choice in Marvel VS Capcom (I’m talking about ancient Play Station here) but the movie surely made me get at least interested. Add Agent Romanoff (Black Widow?) and boy, I’m good. ( Read more… )