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Desperately Seeking Superhumans

The Mayans may be completely wrong about the world ending in 2012 for I think the universe is indeed crumbling at this very moment. With my ominous stepping on my KFC meal gravy TWICE last night (hence some moron leaping to the bathroom just to wash a foot), I could very well conclude that the end is near, the end is so near that we humans need to evolve into something more virile. Like, well,  the radioactive-waves-immune cockroaches. ( Read more… )


Forever in Billie Jean

I thought I wasn’t writing about Michael Jackson‘s surprising death. But hell, I was disturbed by my constant humming of Billie Jean the past week! One of  my few favorite song of his! Read READ! I had no idea why I was in a Moonwalk daze. Glad that I wasn’t executing the signature dance step though, or that would shame me and my excruciating dancing skills (if you really call it skills). ( Read more… )