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When icons die

We literally woke up to the news that Whitney Houston, one of the greatest female voices of all time, has passed away. She was found dead inside a room in a hotel, the venue of the pre-Grammy event of which she was to perform. Apart from her immediate family and friends, Whitney leaves folds of fans and people she has touched with her music worldwide—mourning. She was 48. ( Read more… )


Gotta get “Naked and Famous”

It’s the most surreal feeling listening to a song that exactly speaks of YOU, and all your aspirations. It’s what I felt when I first heard of Standing in the Way of  Control, or in a musical level, Jesus Christ Superstar (go away, preachy ones!). Those two songs, respectively, bemoan of living your life as it is, and questioning religion. This time, I’m getting goosebumps from the vibrant tune of Young Blood by The Naked and Famous. ( Read more… )

Won’t Go Home Without Maroon 5

Maroon 5 was here. For the second time, the pop rock band was here in Manila to charm Filipino fans offering more of their chart-toppers and more of Adam Levine’s tattoos. Unfortunately, I was suffering swollen tonsils that have worsened as I screamed to the tunes of Misery, Harder to Breathe and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. I can’t really put how Monday went with my words but I hope the following photos  will. Fanboy alert! ( Read more… )

Mantra for 2011: Good Vibes! Good Vibes!

Apparently– I reiterate –2010 has been a dramatic year for all of us (Note: national elections, WikiLeaks,  Katy Perry’s wedding, Lindsay Lohan’s jailcapades, graduation, etc). Nevertheless, I think a brighter year is out there that it’s almost a gut feel! So to everyone who was pretty much hurt/saddened/pounced in 2010, here’s some DJ Earworm mashup for more GV this 20-fuckin-11. ( Read more… )