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Life after Harry Potter

It’s a shame toward my generation that I admit this: I was not that big a fan of the Harry Potter series. (Throw those judging leers, Rowling followers!) I, however, have experienced the Potter fever for a brief time in high school. I may have stopped reading after the fourth book (aka pop culture suicide) but when I depended my attraction to the series through those blockbuster movies, I’d say the magic was still there. ( Read more… )


Teenage Scream

With (somehow sober) Mara Luna (Pic by Ayen dela Torre)There are times when I just wanted to freeze time itself, borrow someone else’s videocam and shoot from the beginning. I’m not yet old, but now I feel so. With the Harry Potter movie series to end next year, it’s like a lifetime– a good chunk of my lifetime– raced past me. And this is coming from someone who’s not a fan of that lightning scar. I think I’m missing a lot: Movies, books, history, people, music, myself. ( Read more… )

Trash Bin There, Done That

I summoned a blockmate to aid me in my photo shoot for my J123 (Photojournalism, duh) last Wednesday afternoon. I yielded to taking pictures of an innocuous stone trash bin along the Acad Oval. Yes, creative.

That morning though, I was supposed to take pictures of the much-admired Carillon bell tower. But incidentally, some men in shimmering blue uniform were in some operation to transform the place into a more uh say, picturesque landscape. With those electric blue walls of plastic encrusted in such manner to hinder me from my academic intentions, my photographic whimsies ruptured to pieces, alas.

Anyway, as I was saying, the trash bin has been my subject. If it was a living creature, it’ll rather be pleased. The outcome was satisfying: It was as if the paltry object was carrying some feeling of dejection or lonesomeness, err, the Emo Trash Bin. Lol.

( the emo trash bin photo shoot )

Complacence from Innocence

BEWARE: Very Random Post Ahead! (Includes at some awfulness, wrong grammar, typographical errors, incongruent structuring, etc.)

Come to think of college, I am too young to be a junior standing. I’m still 17- the effective rationale on why UtakGago thought we were both sophomores, all this time. Lol. Physically, I look much of a third year, already taking 21 laborious units, except that I, too, look maltreated by the entirety of the academe. In an inconspicuous way- that is.

Yes, I’m still 17 (♫going on 18 this September). (But arguing about the factualness of my statement could lead to a more outrageous commentary- so more on that later. Lol.)

Really, why blog about age?

Nothing, it is just now that I have felt so young. And that I needed to get out of this formidable trap. This would apply as a common rant of a college student fussed by the domineering command of the “go-for-an-uno” theory, or say, way of life. I’m not really grade-conscious but seriously, I have really wanted to excel- at the very least- although my freshmen grades were worthy to be hung upon the pedestal of shame. Highly contradicting ba? ( I do want the days where I felt so free )