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Did you buy Philippine Star Supreme this morning? Oh well supportive lazybones, here’s Best of the Week and its craziness written by Irvin Cortez and myself:

  • Employee of the Month: Jenny Porterfield and her resig letter
  • Anti-Spam Ingenuity Award: World’s Longest Addie
  • Song of the Week: You Changed My Life in a Moment by Harry Bruder
  • Vendetta of the Week: Nadja Benaissa and HIV
  • Our Daily Bread of the Week: When the Holies Tweet
  • OMFD of the Week: Serena vdW “plays the field” in Paris
  • Beauty of the Week: Venus Raj
  • Guest stars of the Week: Everyone in Glee?
  • Icon of the Week: Dora the Explorer
  • Go See of the Week: Folded & Hung Streetcast

( Read full article here… ) And what would a writer’s life be without an erratum? I left out a minor yet significant detail for the fans of Dora Marquez. Saaaarry, it was supposed to be Monday for her formal primetime Nickelodeon birthday *celeb*. Not Tuesday. Oh well, spank me yo Latina. (Racism never meant.) Cheers to all.