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Desperately Seeking Superhumans

The Mayans may be completely wrong about the world ending in 2012 for I think the universe is indeed crumbling at this very moment. With my ominous stepping on my KFC meal gravy TWICE last night (hence some moron leaping to the bathroom just to wash a foot), I could very well conclude that the end is near, the end is so near that we humans need to evolve into something more virile. Like, well,  the radioactive-waves-immune cockroaches. ( Read more… )

Raining Copycats and Dogs

There’s a new hobby in town: it’s called Reblogging. In Tumblr, the originator of the entire thing, you just do everything in two clicks. I have no beef with Tumbloggers as I myself am one, and I know a lot of geniuses residing inside the sphere. I like how it’s easy it is to browse over dandy pictures and strong quotes that commonly fill up the genteel site. It’s cute, convenient yet dangerous. Not just in terms of copyright issues but more importantly, that of true-blue originality. ( Read more… )


MorganNow that I’m done marathon-ing two seasons of Chuck, inhaling the entire junk food bag (I’m a ‘junkie’), going antisocial in my own graduation “mother’s-amigas-party” pakain, and all other prisoner-like deeds, I should admit that I miss GOING OUT. I never get a call from my high school friends who are already, I think undergoing “reviews” or enrolling again or doing something for their personal good. I think staying here in the province will drive me nuts unless I attract my old friends back and do something fruitful… like Karaoke for example.

Anyway, I’m just glad though that my parents are sincerely allowing me to have to live on my own. In a week or so, I’ll be temporarily residing in a Katipunan apartment with a friend-roommate signalling my detachment from my twisted family. Ahh… The pseudo-independence guise. As of now, I can’t wait to trek with three journ friends to Baguio. This is gonna be wild. Just right to efface these lazy bones. Come with? 🙂

Across the Alternate Universe

Oh for once, I actually update my blog! I know I’ve kept yammering on apologies and promises of regular posting but I can’t seem to nail them. Blame my new routine: waking up at nine, going home at seven/eight, sleeping until midnight, waking up until about four/five, napping again and waking up… I feel like an android, and a pathetic one at that. I feel unhealthy. Stab me! ( + )