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If it really IS the end of the world…

Then that’s fine. Should we respect the prediction of the Mayans (and Jay Sean’s), then we really ought to party with a blast. This 2012, I only have three that could count as really sensible New Year’s “resolutions.” One, invest in smart equipment as these surely come useful long-term. Two, achieve a sexy form not just because of its superficial effects in ~character*~. And lastly, drop the attitude and absorb positive, healthy energy instead.

I whip my New Year back and forth

Oh, look at that: It’s fuckin’ 2011 in a day. Cliché as it may sound but I really can’t believe time flew that fast. As in FAST!!! I’m now out of college, I’m kind of living on my own, I’m kind of earning for my crap and I’m… choked!  All that in a year?! Honestly, this 2010, I’ve been through a lot and so for 2011, I want myself a more steadfast, cool and non-harassing 365 days. No drama and no wars. ( Read more… )