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Guess where we found love…

My timing was terrible: As the award-winning DJ Calvin Harris played his most popular house music marvel to date, We Found Love, a collaborated work with Rihanna, I just had managed to escape the sea of partyphiles at The Republiq one night in February, just so I could take a leak. Nevertheless, I and my closest friends at work aka The Girls rocked through the night. Here are some photos of what was a crazy night: ( Read more… )


Like a (Christmas Party) Virgin

It’s been long since I’ve had a ~real Christmas party– complete with the obligatory exchange gifts and the sardonic laughter session that comes after one unfortunate being unwraps his/her gift giddy, excited, hopeful… only to get a scented candle.

Photos taken during our exclusive, nevertheless star-studded, DotCom Christmas party last week at Music Match, Tomas Morato. ( Read more… )

Make Me Wanna Die

It is never advisable to sing a duet with someone you only dragged to the stage seconds after your karaoke original partner throws a Cinderella who had to really leave the gaiety before midnight, altogether to sing in front of the whole news team of the company you have only been for two months now: Take it from me. Yep, this is about my attempt to roar Irene Cara’s Fame in an ABS-CBN party recently. ( Read more… )

(More) Greed is Good

I’m not fully jolly enough to be all blog-giddy guys. And you all know why. I just have to write this just because I write and I cannot not write things I want to write, assuming I write well or even just “write.” So right now, lemme write about Michael Douglas and Resorts World’s Cinema. So that’s me tackling about greed and more greed. Why is greed so attracting and why are attractions so greedy? ( Read more… )