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Grumpily Ever After

No, I didn’t watch Enchanted last year, cos I initially was piqued by the very Wanspanataym plot of a literal fusion betwixt reality and fantasy worlds. And I supposed you hell know what Wansapanataym is. What, no?

Let's get this Halloween party started!

In Their Halloween costumes!

For my Speech121, our group planned to act Enchanted for our children literature performance. I was supposed to be James Marsden (Prince Edward), you know the one who thrice played the underwritten Cyclops in X-Men. And so, I borrowed a VCD from Ana Tan and did watch it, to orient my self. So if you won’t mind, ( here a few reactions… )


Blackbird, Fly!

My Speech121 group of seven constantly ramble with each other to come up with a story for our (looming) children’s literature performance. For all I care, we are yet to perform something in front of gullible toddlers which they can instantly relate with and participate on.

Because I already said even before time that I’ve always wanted to be Sweeney Todd, this piece could never be likable for those brats. Our make-up could scare them to their wits while eternally whimpering, “Mommyyyyy!” The piece itself is hell gory and we might get censored by some self-important parent.

Edgar Allan Poe’s dark literature apparently won’t be even thought of. So weird of me. Shit, I really really wanna frighten the kids till their eyeballs stick out. Kidding.

And so I propose my own (Comm3) piece, Snow White and Snow Cone.”

( Once upon a time… )