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Guess where we found love…

My timing was terrible: As the award-winning DJ Calvin Harris played his most popular house music marvel to date, We Found Love, a collaborated work with Rihanna, I just had managed to escape the sea of partyphiles at The Republiq one night in February, just so I could take a leak. Nevertheless, I and my closest friends at work aka The Girls rocked through the night. Here are some photos of what was a crazy night: ( Read more… )

The weeks that were

To make easier my self-imposed goal to blog as regularly as possible, I have decided to post gratuitous photos of my self and to just simply comment on them. In short, I will blog as if I am a sleep-deprived college student whining about homework on the Internet. (Technically, that was how I were back then. Haha!) The recent weeks have been frantic and pumped up they need to be recorded. Brace yourself: Here’s a little treat of vanity. ( Read more… )

Just so you know, I still miss blogging…

Dear blog, happy fourth anniversary to you! I never thought you will survive until this day of microblogging. It seems as if it was just yesterday that I was ranting on my inconsiderate, high-strung badminton professor who gave me a whopping 3.0 for a grade despite my insurmountable effort and skillz. These kinds of hate posts I would vent on you. We both have come so far.  You must know how much I truly love you. ( Read more… )

Won’t Go Home Without Maroon 5

Maroon 5 was here. For the second time, the pop rock band was here in Manila to charm Filipino fans offering more of their chart-toppers and more of Adam Levine’s tattoos. Unfortunately, I was suffering swollen tonsils that have worsened as I screamed to the tunes of Misery, Harder to Breathe and Never Gonna Leave This Bed. I can’t really put how Monday went with my words but I hope the following photos  will. Fanboy alert! ( Read more… )