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Define: Fashion Wayward

A few weeks ago, fashion icons Nigel Barker and J Alexander of hit show America’s Next Top Model visited the country for a book tour. Got to attend one held in Trinoma. The two mainly talked about beauty and, well, why the fashion biz isn’t really superficial. Highlights of the meet-and-greet include Miss J’s fierce ramp walk, gals screaming for Nigel and why Nigel was even sporting… Is that his HAIR??? Lol. ( Read more… )


Curse latecomers!

My chat with NBA legend AC Green was brief as a hiccup. Reason? I Was Late. I know, I know, in the media industry, people who diss punctuality should be guillotined. But I’ve changed. It was just  the horrendous traffic that got in the way. “Hello, AC,” I told the  LA Lakers star as we finally shook hands, “We’ve got five minutes to save the world.” “I’m with you, brother,” he replied in agreement. ( Read more… )

It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Got invited to the unveiling of Rajo Laurel’s premiere men’s line some weeks ago. Called “Rajo Man,” the collection boasts its classic tailor-made outfits, with a flair of modern spunk. Rajo included long-sleeved and collared shirts, rockstar ties, and chic belts in the collection. Photos by blockmate and aspiring photographer Ela. Notes on the party,  posh crowds, pleated pants, piña colada by myself. ( Read more… )

Food + Podcast = Foodcast @ Midnight Mercato

I had the chance to cover the grand launch of RJ Ledesma’s Midnight Mercato last Friday.

Here’s a small chunk of my interview with RJ, yet one of my idols in the industry of men’s magazines. Deep inside me, I was feeling more than thrilled to go face-to-face with The Man who edited/edits MANUAL and UNO, who writes manhood predicaments via his Pogi from a Parallel Universe column, and who built the environment-friendly Mercato Centrale located in Boni High Street.

Pardon the quality of the podcast, apparently something went wrong with the uploading. Or is it just the two us rambling and garbling?

( More food than you need in your pragmatic middle-class existence… )