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Hey June! (Don’t let me down!)

We’re in the second half of the year and I’ve barely even noticed it.  I’m expecting a lot to accomplish in the remaining months so I’m just sticking to how The Beatles would deal with it: “Hey (June), don’t let me down!” I have to put my game face on and start with a clean slate. (If anyone cares, I’ve freshened-up this blog’s theme c/o the fluorescent Mystique.) I have, however, yet more to achieve in the next book of my 2011. Let’s go, self! ( Read more… )

Ponder Manila

At the Press Room (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

At the Press Room (Pic by Ronin Bautista)

In the midst of environmental and irrigation debacle, it is fated for one to think about troubles like studying for finals, celebrities sprawling on rooftops and the president’s son thwarting the power of Facebook. It is helpful to ponder on one’s existence once in a while, and as long as you’re marooned at home (or in the library) with the laptop monitor on your face doing acads work, it is nice to keep your short breaks worthwhile by pondering. ( Read more… )

To the Things that Make Sense

My first statement for this blog entry deserves candor of its own: WORRY NOT, I AM SAFE.

You might not be worrying at all. But being a resident of Marikina, the tide failed to swallow me. The wind drew back from my stature and the rage of nature marched back to his aunties. I cannot die. I am incapable of dying. To surprise my relatives’ home, more known as indestructible, Ondoy (Ketsana) blew our minds off with a bang. The waters rushed inside Saturday noon, until it reached thigh level (at the first floor) that night. Furniture, appliances, heavy furniture and  heavy appliances, were miraculously carried upstairs. Outside, the downpour was unstoppable. And the rest of Metro Manila was havoc. ( Read more… )

Good Denims Go Bad

dr_jeanI was almost to recant my meteoric tirades about the rain. But lately, I’ve been waking up to a deafening downpour. I laze down with the hope that someone would text that classes got suspended. I disappoint myself more waiting for nothing. I walk out of the house in denim only to get it… wet.

I know we all have denims in our closets; some may rather have denims than closets themselves. Those blue jeans are so ubiquitous that you can match it with anything. Don’t they only look utilitarian and edgy, but when it’s shaded dark they come as nonetheless classy. I like mine semi-fit so air can still cool my thighs. Girls probably like theirs fit to their limbs that you’d wonder how they ever move. And of course, guys emulate the bizarre idea and walk around looking like shanghai rolls. ( Read more… )