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The Origin of the Hopeless Romantic

The pessimism of Ricky Lee on love was outrageously high. After reading his first novel, I had the urge to find a rope and garrote all those who have written or produced anything saying that love conquers all. It has never been known that love never read Para Kay B.

b-book( picture by John Wong )

The main character Lucas writes five sobering stories real and not, including his, to his unworthy promiscuous girl Bessie (revealed later as B). It sort of reminds me of One Tree Hill‘s, yes, Lucas who created a novel for Peyton, and subsequently become bewilderingly forgotten by the same girl for a Hollywood career. I then rise to my minute antifeminist frenzy. Bessie is the subject sought as inspiration, which could turn a Herod’s heart soft. How could girls like B reject genuine literature just like that? Could they possibly not think how thick the guys’ calluses have grown, from eternal jotting down? Did the guys just develop pasma for nothing? ( Read more… )