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Popcorns in Korea


There’s no film more irksome than Moments of Love with a ridiculous ending like that! Imagine some bachelor in his twenties finally getting to meet his “soulmate” who’s almost decaying that any moment in time, her soul might leave her body. I know it’s purposive to bring the ‘happy-ending-complacence’ but the movie pioneered instead on ‘horrible-ending-condolence’.

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Winds of Love


Juni is really getting on my nerves: she’s racing ahead of me in the music career. Hah! I know I am an ambithiotho and illuthionado. Hehe.

Juni’s debut album here: “Winds of Love” tama ba? Inside this CD ia a repertoire of inspiring songs for only P300.


Maroons, Not Morons

Oble, don’t just stand there! Go annihilate those, umm, Bulldogs!

HOLY DISCLAIMER: This is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.

In our 1 pm Broad Comm 100 yesterday, we spent the first hour waiting for our professor and chatting all over. The amount of decibels in the classroom could suffice the noise pollution needed for one to go crazy. Then out of the blue, my blockmate Ela broke this rumor/issue to me (she got from a fellow blockmate too):

(I apologize for the lack of few important details. Again, this is only a rumor/issue and has not yet been verified.)

Nasa tabi iyong mga UP Pep Squad and then pumarada sa harap nila ang van ng NU. Pagkatapos binuksan daw ng mga cheerdancers na nasa loob ang mga windows tas pinagdudura nila ang mga dancers natin. And above all, sumigaw daw ang mga dancers ng NU ng “MORONS!” against iyong Pep Squad ng UP. Ang ginawa ng isang girl from our dancers eh hinabol ang bus at pumasok at inaway ang mga NU.
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White Apparels, Positive Thinking and Vegetables

Days before the scheduled field trip, I was bulldozed by so much stress-sloped situations that it would only take one more shot for my system to shut down. Aside from that, I had colds and mild fever flanked by the erratic weather. I felt like I had to drop all my classes to give myself a B-R-E-A-K.


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