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Fill in the Blanks

There is precisely nothing special about the number nineteen. (Didn’t you know that there are 19 angels guarding hell according to Qur’an?) This is the reason why I’m not exactly ecstatic about my 19th birthday. Yep, again I am commemorating my anniversary of living within this cosmic punishment. I’m lonely not just this day, but these days. This I think is the saddest of all birthdays I had; I’m not even celebrating today. I ate pancit canton for lunch, welcomed a crazy weather, and took a jeepney home for the first time in months. A family merrymaking will happen this weekend but I don’t know which day. I know, I know, I sound too pessimistic and trivial about a supposedly important day in my life. But what else is there in the 19th really? I believe this is the part where a person should rewind his experiences and muse on the existential crises he has undergone in the past. This puts me in the hot seat: Am I worthy of continuing this voyage?

Love Fakes Time




Our class went to a school in Tierra Pura, QC, to perform. It was nice seeing the kids participate and enjoy. Wow: ME liking KIDS?! (picture courtesy of Riki Flores).


I just survived a hell week. I can’t call it my first this sem, coz I know and you know (and God knows) that I’d be burned at stake if I claim of it. Anyway as of this moment, I’m still preoccupied with a lot of school work. Headlines and Deadlines.

On the other hand, I must say that I love this semester very much. Not that, you know, I’m some pretentious nerd jackass or something. I’d vomit pronouncing that. There are a lot of reasons why, and here are a few I wish to disclose to people on why I would not want sembreak to arrive on my doorstep, for now: ( three friggin reasons )

Series of Unfortunate FX Events

Oh, I'm sooo touched.

How touching.


And so the saga continues. Last Friday dusk, I rode another kolorum FX only to get stuck in traffic for an abhorrent ten minutes in that Barangka flyover. As soon as we surpassed that Calvary, the vehicle turned left for a shortcut. We glided with the slippery road until the driver indiscriminately decided to hit the breaks. He came out of the thing, lifted its hood and came back in to tell us passengers, “I’m sorry, there seemed to be a glitch. I’ll be returning your money so that you can go get yourselves some other mode of transportation.”

Isn’t he sweet?


I went out of it and proceeded to the nearest lamppost with the displeased others, and waited for 15 minutes coz hell, 98% of the PUVs which have passed were all chock-full. Is this some omen saying that wait, “Youuuuuuuu must maaaaake tipiiiiiid. Go riiiiiiiiide a jeeeeeeeepney.” Okay, fine. ( Read More )


05.26.08. I have a confession: I have never gone to the beach/pool for three fuckin’ years!!! Shit, how unCOOL is that?!

I’m such a loser. Next summer, I swear I’m gonna be bathing forever on blue waters until all of me swells! Eek, now that’s freaky.

Anyway, I went to Juni’s birthday celebration in her home with nine other high school friends. It looked like she committed the day just for us so she fed us all alone, had us watch 27 Dresses and made us ride her SUV! Sweit.

It’s such a surprise that she trusted us to drive her baby since all I know, it was for me a pretty glint of a risky outing. We went to the beach with it to watch the sunset. Keneth drove the thing and I was so excited that we were to get ourselves ran out of gas therefore get stuck somewhere creepy! Lol, evil. But come on, the excitement is all-around.

( And now for something really disgusting )