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Bringing You Docuniversity

Bringing You Docuniversity

  • I am shocked. I cannot seem to function in my optimum system and to accomplish things and just that. Last night midnight, I was doing articles for my Public Relations class. One of which we were initially tasked to write a magazine article about… OURSELVES. Now, this has to be breezy for me since I already have a self-absorbed WordPress but hell, the effrontery! I was hard-up not adoring myself too much. It was utmost vanity! ( Read more… )

Carnivals and Magic Sing Cannibals

It was actually just more or less five days ago when I was in hyper mode. I was so jubilant, and giddy, and squeaky I felt I just overdosed from drugs. But before you ever think of me that way, here’s the story.



DECEMBER 17. SUPER LATE POST. Wednesday. At 10 in the morning, I jogged my ass to Araneta Center, Cubao, to find some present for my UP MCO monita. I was so dumb at choosing some stuff I ended up buying a girlie book, since she’s… a GURL. ( WARNING: Gazillion pictures ahead!!! )

Emotive Health Bill

In Ateneo

Lam nio b n sa pagtaas ng bilang ng emo sa pinas ay tumataas ang ekonomiya ng ating bansa? Madaming nabigyan ng trabaho sa pagbubukas ng mga bagong pabrika ng blade at eye liner. Dumami rin ang mga barber shops at higit sa lahat… maraming ngppakamatay kaya lumiliit ang populasyon. Kya kung gusto m maging emo, GO FOR IT! Isa kng bayani n gating bansa! [Bob Ong]

I may not be absolutely correct with the source of the quote since everybody in the group messaging battalions are pretending to have read some Bob Ong book of humor, though in actuality, they aren’t even aware of the real identity of the author if he is real, or is just a group of witty writers.

Anyway, the point of this post is that I strongly detest EMOs. Okay fine, call me judgmental but if they think they have freedom of expression, I’m abusing it as well. ( Read bleeding more… )

My Txt Commandments

I love texting. I mean to the point of making sense in every text message I send. So what exactly do I mean? Here ye go:

1. I text with virtually no smiley’s. But if I feel that I need to put one, I put “=}.” Either or, I come as a neutral speaker in this kind of communication. By replying, I think people should put some icons which tell their mood- like “hehe,” “aww,” or even “tnx.” So please, do not text me with a commanding tone like “Kailangan ko yung book mo bukas. Reply ASAP.” Reply your ass.

2. I type in straight small letters and almost in correct spellings. I don’t use much punctuation aside from period (not ellipses) and comma.

3. If you text me, try to make sense. I don’t mind ritualistic greetings but group messages– which are of no importance to me- waste my time and cellphone battery. Keep it to your self, will you?

4. I like receiving jokes. It can make my day actually.

5. I like people who reply at times when you needed someone to talk to, and I only got my self and a loaded cellphone. It’s not a coincidence that they’re patching up the quote “A friend in need is a friend in deed.” And if they comfort me well, I know that I’ve got to treasure them. ( Read More… )