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Cos Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication

Name a mainstream local journalist who makes you feel like submitting yourself into idolatry. Someone you could write a biographical novelette of, someone you could endure breathing the same air in the same room with. Think. Think real hard now… Going once? Going twice?

Does the beauty pageant question kill you? That’s understandable. Giveaway answer of course: Cheche Lazaro, duh. ( Read more… )


There’s something I figured shameful about myself lately: I think I’ve become so emotionally frail.

For the past days, I’ve experienced sad, awkward, jealous, disappointing and confusing moments and above these, I was in the front illusion of being “strong.” At least I thought I WAS strong but I guess it was just classic projection. I try to sport a beam or a smirk to make people believe that I’m actually the exact opposite. Some people themselves actually admire me for being a happily carefree person labeling me as “people-oriented” who work well with most part of crowds. I do believe I do have enough people skills. That’s one best trait of me, I suppose, because these people do not know HOW I deal with my problems. ( Read more… )

When I’d go Sue Sylvester on You

Pic by Paule Santos: UP JMA Team Media! Aha!

Pic by Paule Santos: UP JMA Team Media! Aha!

I officially spent the first week of school doing A LOT of things. I mean, have you ever encountered opening a semester full of both necessary and unnecessary worries? It’s like knowing that you’d die in months, and of all days in those months, you settle on feeling anxious for the rest of your damn life. ( Here’s what happened )

Prodding Buttocks

Feet of ClayI act contrite for absconding from this WordPress. It is not a condition where I am in dearth of things to blog about; actually, I do have a lot of stories to tell you guys, but I ain’t got the luxury of time. I am in constant busyness (talk to Sprint, MarkIT, UAAP PR duty, etc.). And not to mention— va va voom— thesis!

Anyway, I think I am to have a nervous breakdown for the next weeks months, the lack of love life highlighted, for I am to head our yearbook committee. That means I have to take care of a lot of stuff. I have events coming and projects to be held this semester. I also have to cross-dress this Friday night for an org revel. But amid all these college… crap, I am sort of excited too, you know. I mean, fine, let’s do all the things— All The Things— before leaving the university, and altogether, student life. And so I say, just bring it on. ( Read more… )