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The UAAP Magic

I never would’ve given a damn about the UAAP if I didn’t go to one of its schools. I was then a vapid sports fan. But gradually, thanks to the “school spirit” concept,  I gave in to watching the Philippines’ largest college sports league, particularly the hoop fest and the cheerdance competition. UAAP, like a mentor once said, is taken seriously in contrast to commercial basketball conferences. It’s a clash of identity and no one backs down easily. ( Read more… )

Underdog Days are Over

The greatest contribution of the national football team, also called the Azkals, to the country is introducing football as a more appropriate sport. The players, coming off from their feat against Vietnam last year that paved their way to overnight stardom, strove to pound us with the greatest truth of all time: “Basketball is not for Pinoys.” That football matches better with our height, physique, etc. ( Read more… )

Dark Circles of Life

I guess this week has been bad. Not just for Indonesians or Limewire children (like me). It had to come. Stress and being scolded by the editor (more than once a day) had to come. I feel little, and I don’t know how long I would want to shrink myself in the corporate world. I love my job, really. I guess I’m just tired, dead-tired. And not even a picture with Noynoy can de-stress me. Cough (2x). ( Read more… )

The world won’t shut up

Cos Juan (international name: Megi) kinda disrupted our Internet in the pad, I’m blogging straight from the, yes, newsroom. I can’t believe I’m writing about ~sports now, which I haven’t done until last Monday. (No one also believes that I wear blazers + shorts to work.) Thanks to my job, I almost literally am a human version of Collecta. I suddenly know everything that’s happening REAL-TIME. Gasp! ( Read more… )