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Ugh, that’s so high school!

For the past days, I’ve met with a few of my high school friends just for the sake of it. The last mega reunion was a while back and, even if we’re just about 10 to have gone to recent senseless rendezvous, I still miss high school. I miss complaining over restraint and control. I miss the times I broke in the girls’ bathrooms, jeering away all stupid Catholic school rules that surfaced across  our tainted, whacked world...

I Dreamed A Double Dream

Dear fortunetellers, soothsayers, astrologers– both Western and Vedic practitioners– and those who just infer that something is written in the stars, I have a very important case for you. First dream last night: I came back to St. Paul all-perky, and randomly all my high school teachers were persistently convincing me to become a… PRIEST. Is that normal? Me? A priest? Curse the Vatican now. ( Read more… )

The Fourth

Pic by Jean Agor

Pic by Jean Agor

Academic year 2009-2010 knifed through the Manila storms— jeepneys sputtering, crowds scuttling, rainwater pissing— what omen to realize that you did not return to school. It was school that had returned. The erratic weather conditions having you to rummage a flexible attire. The routine so familiar you almost don’t get that excited. The people you know now being outnumbered by the unknown species. It’s the real deal, you jughead: You are officially a senior.

With this sappy introduction, I now narrate some few cute stories of my first week of being a fourth year. Porchirr, to some. Last year. Last chance. ( Read more… )

Now Hang Me Up to Dry

Recollection in Baguio (2005)

Recollection in Baguio (2005)

April for me has always been a month to be anticipated longingly. Several reasons spill like summer vacation, family and friends reunions, blah blah blah. I managed to go to St. Paul last Friday to loo out over some CAT aspirants and meet some fellow, uhh, alumni. To my disappointment, only a few of whom I knew came to train the young juniors in their grimy white shirts about pseudo-militarization.

Ralph and I sashayed into the comfort room and as we exited, our principal was walking towards us in the corridors. ( Read more… )